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About the Seychelles…

Night rises from the Indian ocean somewhere behind the green mountains. As the Creole fishermen say, the sun has gone to drink the sea. The blue ocean, swelling and foaming, is a spectacle in itself that will draw and captivate you. Fascination becomes bewitching when it follows the rhythms of the wind in the catamaran sails.

The big underwater screen on which the parade of fauna and flora unfolds, the pride of the southern seas, speaks of an amazing world. People talk about a fabulous kingdom where you can rub up against multi-colored fish and living coral, and other marvels.

As long as there are islands, men will find a thousand reasons to go to sea. As long as there are boats, islands will be fortunate and set like jewels in the middle of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Let the wind lead you on a discovery of this little Garden of Eden. That is the promise of this cruise where luxury means exclusivity, freedom, and simplicity.

The Seychelles Archipelago:

Just a few specks of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, a paradise for men, plants, and animals. From the turquoise blue of the limpid sea to the emerald green of its luxuriant vegetation, this jewel of nature is like a pearl necklace set in the ocean. This mythical destination offers a particularly beautiful location for cruises, which promise unforgettable moments...

Crisscross the Seychelles paradise on a sailboat:

"You will anchor in complete peacefulness surrounded by virgin beauty…"

Exploring this string of islands is like having a series of dreams cut from the beautiful fabric of nature itself. Winds are usually moderate from 5 to 20 knots throughout the year and provide excellent sailing conditions. The normal cruise route covers an area of some twenty small and very different islands. Anchorages are in low coral atolls close to the water's surface or under impressive granite peaks. Diving fans will love the coral reefs, sponges, tropical fish, giant rays, and, sometimes, marine turtles. On land, the islands become the realm of birds, reptiles - iguanas and lizards of all kinds, - of mammals, and of flowers unknown anywhere else in the world. A fantastic earthly and maritime adventure!

It's like being Robinson Crusoe in a luxury setting

"The skipper will help you multiply magical discoveries..."

A wonderful mix of dreams and adventure, of moments of exchange and of relaxation take you to paradise.

A professional crew brings special care to all details, making the journey safe and comfortable.

You will live in a true floating hotel while you discover these charming islands, taste the perfume of romance, relax on beautiful white sand beaches, swim with turtles in the blue waters of the lagoons, savor intense happiness…and a dream will simply become reality.

Practical information

Nine-hour flight from Paris with Air Seychelles (5 flights a week). +3 hours jet lag. No vaccinations or visas are required. Only a valid passport is needed.

The Seychelles enjoy an ideal tropical climate all year round. Temperatures rarely drop below 24°C and the maximum temperature is about 33°C.

See you soon on the water!