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Experience the desert

Discover your true self

Participants: Open to all
Type: Hiking
Statuts: 20 slots open
Length: 1 week camel hike
Dates: on demand

Event location:

The Mauritanian desert


Dimitri Haikin, Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Prices* and payment:

Price*: around 1.495,- USD /person (1 week)
All expenses included: training, airfare, 2 nights at an inn, 5 nights camping
Downpament at registration: USD 450 (+ 3% cancellation insurance = USD 44.85)
Balance payable at the latest 45 days before departure
* The price is a estimation


Do you want to answer the question: "Who am I?"
Come with us to the desert for a week to get to know yourself better, to learn to live better, to manage your emotions, and to rediscover your self-esteem and self-confidence!


Each trip is unique because it is custom-designed based on the questions and suggested situations sent in by participants.
Thanks to their professional experience in the desert and elsewhere, group leaders will ensure that participants are respectful of each other at all times.


Is it… the great and pure beating of open space? The song of the wind in the dunes? The starry murmur of clear nights? The sand desert forces self-discovery. Simplicity, sobriety, the beauty of an intimate relationship with nature… everything invites you to share from within yourself and to use this special experience to take stock of yourself, to transform yourself, to plan projects, to taste the thrill of the universal, to live by the stars, the sun, the wind, yourself...


The desert is a place where everyone must face themselves. There's no way to cheat in the desert. The desert begins its work as soon as the first dunes appear. It's always special and it acts as an outstanding therapist!

It's inherent to this place. As Theodore Monod, an illustrious lover of the desert said, "The desert does not lie."

Walking (about 4 hours a day) is sometimes done in silence. This way everyone can listen to who they really are. They can get back in touch with their deepest desires, their values, and their emotions. It also enables everyone to sweat out civilization and to go home with a new store of extra energy.

The desert is the place that will enable you to undo yourself of the suffering that has burdened you for too long. Some will leave their fears behind, others their sadness, or their anger. The desert is also the scene of great joy because of its natural scenery, the beauty of its landscapes, and the warm atmosphere found there. It is Africa, after all!

Both those who want to meditate alone and those who want to share with others will feel at home.

"Is the desert for us? It was what was growing within us. What we were learning about ourselves"
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Practical information:

On arrival at the airport our guides will take us by 4x4 to the doors of the desert. After a night at an inn, we will leave the next morning for a five-day hike in the desert. We will spend our last night at the inn.


We will begin walking early every morning to avoid the hottest hours of the day. We won't attempt to set any records. The session is open to anyone who has an "average" level of walking ability. We will walk "light" with a small backpack. The camels are there to carry anyone who feels too tired.



All meals are carefully prepared by our Mauritanian guides and cooks. Comfortable tents will protect us from the sun. Sleeping in the open is wonderful but individual tents and tents for several people are also available.


By email: Stéphane@zenlatitudes.com