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The following is recommended for your cruise to the Seychelles

To protect yourself against the sun:
A well-fitting hat or cap (inexpensive); sunglasses (polarized ones are better!) with a string and case. Bandanas or scarves to protect ears and neck are recommended. Sun cream: minimum index 15 and enough to put on three times a day. Recommended product: "all day 20" by L. Widmer - lasts a long time.

Sea clothes:
A light waterproof jacket (e.g. "K-way" or Decathlon) is enough.

The Seychelles are particularly interesting because of the water. A mask, a snorkel, and well-fitting flippers are essential or, at least, highly recommended, although there will normally be basic equipment provided for your use on board. We will snorkel several times a day.

Lots of t-shirts and shorts, preferably wear-resistant and easy to wash. It won't be possible to do laundry during the trip. Pareos. A pair of light pants and a long-sleeve shirt for cooler evenings.

You can live barefoot on board. Two pairs are enough:

  1. "Teva" type walking sandals are ideal for walking in the water, on the rocks, or during a stopover.
  2. Bring dressier sandals or shoes to travel and go out.

Miscellaneous equipment:
Small backpack, side pouch, small flashlight, pocket knife.

Leisure time:
Two or three books (not too precious), music CDs, DVDs, camera, videocamera, PDA, etc., can be recharged onboard as can A-type batteries.

One bath towel is provided per person. The towels should remain in the washing areas (except for occasional drying) because they may get mixed… Take at least two towels per week (a large one and a small one). They shouldn't be too thick so that they can dry quickly. Also preferably bring liquid soap which will foam in salt water. This way, you can experience the largest bathtub in the world…Nail clippers and kleenex can always come in handy.

Bed sheets and pillow cases are provided as is a cotton bedcover. You won't need anything more! If you want to sleep on deck because you snore or love the stars…there are inflatable mattresses on board, and a hamac. A light cover will be helpful in this case.

Passport, travel insurance, and mutual insurance form. No need for a visa.

Credit cards are widely accepted in restaurants and stores but cash is still the best way to pay for everyday purchases (and the exchange rate is better).

Travel insurance:
The boat's insurance policy only covers traveler injuries after payment of an USD 1,800 deductible. Make sure that you have your own travel insurance, or abstain from taking risks. Participation in sailing maneuvres is optional and is only done on skipper orders at the times given. No deposit is required to cover material damages.

The on-board pharmacy is extensive and proven and can handle most common problems including sea-sickness, small cuts, and bruises. It also has bug repellent. A copy of its contents can be sent to you on request. Bring only what you are sure you will need. Please let the organizer know ahead of time if you suffer from a chronic illness. This will of course be kept confidential.

The Seychelles have excellent cell phone coverage.

Pack all of you belongings in a soft bag that can be folded up for storage.
Please bring only what is absolutely essential!