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During its twelve years of operation, Zenlatitudes.com has developed both a concept to provide support to people using its equipment and know-how on how to best install and use it.

Creating your own relaxation center

Open your own business! Open an anti-stress center! The required budget will, of course, vary depending on available space… Profitability will too!

We have often found that our products were incorrectly implemented after delivery (export) and this despite the user manual provided and the advice given ahead of time!

In addition, when a person's "mind" and psychological well-being are at stake, having an effective machine is clearly not sufficient. Every detail counts: the welcome provided, the seamless integration of the equipment into the work area, the interior design, colors, smells, sound insulation, overall atmosphere, and so on. 

Since "stress" is the common denominator of many physical, mental, and emotional problems, it is worth asking oneself whether the goal should merely be limited to recapturing balance through deep relaxation methods (which unfortunately do not eliminate regular relapses) or if it should be to try to provide patients with the "keys" to enable them to avoid inevitably falling back into a state of disequilibrium. In other words, according to the Zenlatitudes.com philosophy, Stress Management should not be solely limited to treating symptoms, as is the case with allopathy. It should, in certain instances, go as far as attempting to stabilize the root causes of the disequilibrium itself.

"MENTALFORME" was developed with this in mind. The concept takes into account the mode of operation of each proposed technology and training seminars are provided to teach their use. It also focuses on the perfect equipment setup required to obtain reproducible results for a significant sampling of the population patronizing a "MENTALFORME" center.

In addition, it focuses on the specific profile of every person who comes to a center through the results of the "STRESS TEST" developed by the Zenlatitudes.com team. This ensures that members will be well supported in achieving their goals at the center and that they will be able to adequately evaluate the possibilities (and limits) of the technologies they will use as they apply to their personal background.

The main center organizes seminars which complement the mind technologies offered: brain gymnastics, neurolinguistic programming, "recognize, understand, act" seminars, various approaches to personal development, and a variety of courses including physical workouts.

Three different center sizes have been designed with the Luc Schuiten architecture firm for this purpose:

Satellite 1


Satellite 2


Main center


Zenlatitudes.com has already more than four years experience in managing Satellite 1 centers. Its goal is to now create a "main" center in Brussels.