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Mind Food

Neurotropic activator nutrients

Introduction: The MIND FOOD Concept

The MIND FOOD concept is so new that the full extent of its originality is not always fully appreciated!

In a few words, here is what it is all about:


The originality of this creation comes from its unique combination of neurotropic nutrients (foods which can be completely assimilated) which specifically act on the brain.  More precisely, it is the judicious combination of ingredients, or precursors of active ingredients, that creates complementarity promoting brain growth, protein synthesis, and the complex neurotransmission dance that occurs during mental work.

And it specifically comes from:


In order to grow, survive, and function the brain, like all organs, needs the appropriate materials. To enable synthesis and renewal of cellular components, and to cover its needs in energy, the brain uses specific substances it either synthesizes or takes from the bloodstream. Certain so-called "ESSENTIAL" nutrients cannot be created by the body and must absolutely be ENTIRELY brought by food. If they are found in insufficient amounts, a deficiency will appear. The list of essential nutrients is specific to each species. The list is extensive for human beings and their brains because of their low ability to synthesize.


There are also "secondary nutrients". These are non-essential nutrients which are synthesized SLOWLY by the body. In the event of significant need, the amount created by the body MUST be complemented through food. It is for these two reasons that MIND FOOD is important, and even more so for children, pregnant women, active, and older people.

The originality of this new product derives naturally from new discoveries in the field of brain development, brain kinetics, and from changes in how the brain is viewed. Until recently it was often mistakenly thought to work independently of the body (body/mind).

What are these new discoveries?

The brain is not a passive organ which degenerates with advancing age. On the contrary, it is always changing and developing.

The brain's metabolism does not consist solely of sugar oxidation and the supply of energy to nerve cells. It is also responsible for:

The old ideas which thought of "body/mind" as separate and of "mind/matter" as independent have also been rejected:

a. Not everything is fully understood about the processes that govern the consciousness of feelings and consciousness in general. However, it is now possible to affirm that, based on analysis of the world and internal stimuli that neurons, after communicating among themselves, define conscious and subconscious thought in humans. The quality of thought depends on the quality of neural tissue and, specifically, that of cortical tissue. The quality of cortical tissue and its refashioning depends on the quality of nutrients. As a result, the quality of thought is closely correlated to the quality of nutrients absorbed on a regular basis!

b. Two points of view need to be taken into account when discussing the brain:

    1. The "brain" taken from the point of view of its literal meaning, that is, as an organ located within the cranium protected by the hematoencephalic barrier.
    2. The "body/mind" point of view which states that the human body must now be thought of as a large mobile brain. In fact, there is no denying that the brain really isn't confined to the cranium.

The latter point enables us to understand why in addition to affecting specific workings of the brain (idea association, concentration, memorization), the impact of neurotropic nutrients is felt throughout the entire body (a feeling of overall well-being, dynamism, energy).

Optimal targets

One of the specificities that makes Mind Food an exceptional concept from the commercial standpoint is that its target market is universal! All age categories are potential targets:

The inventors

  Vélibor Krsmanovic is a food chemistry engineer, a doctor in biochemistry, Director of Research at the CNRS-INSERM (France), and a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Lyon. He has published over a hundred scientific papers and contributed several chapters to works on genetic transcription, cellular differentiation, and retroviral oncogenesis. He discovered a new enzyme in human cells and is the inventor and primary coauthor of an international patent for a vaccine against HIV. He is the creator of the biochemical formula for MENTAL DRINK.
  Stéphane Krsmanovic specializes in the study of consciousness and the brain. He initiated overall development of the "MIND FOOD" concept in 1989. He also completed an explanatory book on the subject in September 1996 (for more information on Stéphane, please see the book "Homo Cerebralis").


The biochemical formula for "Mental Drink" has been granted an international patent. Product study was complemented with organoleptic, appearance, and marketing studies. The creators are now seeking a buyer to manufacture and distribute the product in the international marketplace