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Mind Food

As early as 1993, Stéphane Dumonceaue’s vision of this drink for the mind was obvious. At that time there was no Energy Drink yet. The concept was a little too avant-garde. PSiO® DRINK AWAKENING is therefore the culmination of this enormous work after a very long gestation period.

After five years of research with a team of professionals (in biochemistry, organoleptics, marketing analyzes, financial analyzes, etc.), he took the MIND UP brand and a patent with the following name: "Nutrients capable of activating the cerebral metabolism ”(accession number No. 09500669). This formulation has obviously undergone several updates over the years and has finally evolved into a product based on natural plant extracts, broadly holding the constituents listed in the basic patent.


Plant extracts known for their "detox" effect have been added to the original formulation. Even the dyes are natural and organic. This drink contains the same concentrations of nutrients as capsules, so its great advantage is that it is much easier to ingest! It would probably take about ten capsules per day to bring together such content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It's a nutrition revolution for the mind and the nervous system!

The biochemistry of performance

The originality of the invention lies in the original combination of plant extracts and their intrinsic nutrients. Four of these are "neurotropic" and stimulate the nervous system. Thus, it is the judicious combination of these constituents or precursors of active constituents which constitute a qualitative contribution optimizing nerve stimulation, cerebral growth, protein synthesis and the complex ballet of neurotransmission.

An exceptional product


For the first time ever, a plant selection packed with nutrients for the mind! An original selection of plant extracts with precursors of some of the products useful for neuronal metabolism. The calculation of the necessary concentration ranges is precise.

The 50 active components in the drink are found subtly included in the plant extracts that nature has developed over hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. Their assimilation is therefore boosted by their natural combination and by the intelligence of living things (compared to synthetic products isolated in capsules).

Among these we find: Vit A, Vit B1, Vit B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B12, E, C, Glycine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, malic acid, tryptophan, lysine, methionine, B -carotene, citric acid, CA, MG, CU, FER, ZN, CHROME, K, NA, SE, CO, MANG, STR, PHOSPHORUS, CHL.

Links between two synapses

« Foods for the Mind »

In order to grow, survive and function, the brain must have the necessary nutrientse. To allow the synthesis and renewal of cellular constituents on the one hand and to cover its energy needs on the other hand, the brain uses specific substances that it synthesizes or finds in the circulation, provided by food. Some so-called "ESSENTIAL" nutrients have no (or little) possibility of being produced by the body and must be provided through food. If the intake is insufficient, a deficiency may occur and a slowdown in the metabolic chains is likely.

The originality of the invention naturally stems from new knowledge in matters of cerebral growth, cerebral kinetics and the change of point of view with regard to the brain, an organ hitherto considered, often wrongly, to be the opposite of the body (body / mind).

What are these new discoveriess ?

1. The brain does not degenerate

The brain is not a passive organ that degenerates with age, but an organ that is constantly changing and never finished.

2. Energy isn't just sugar

Brain metabolism does not only consist of the oxidation of sugars and the supply of energy to nerve cells, but in  :

3. Body / mind are not separate


The old conceptions according to which "body / spirit" are separate and "spirit / matter" are independent are now obsolete:
A. The quality of thought depends on the quality of neural tissue. The quality of neural tissue and its remodeling directly depends on the quality of the nutrients. The quality of thought is therefore closely correlated with the quality of nutrients absorbed regularly! And the quality of thought determines what we perceive of our reality... Foods for the mind therefore improve the quality of our reality!

B. The “body / brain” point of view: the human body can be considered as a large “mobile brain” in 4D. This is because the brain does not stop at the cranium. It extends through the spinal cord and all plexuses throughout the body, branches out and eventually ends at the cellular level via neurotransmission. Our thoughts and emotions are therefore perpetuated down to the most intimate level of our cells...

This last point allows us to understand why, in addition to specific effects on the brain (associations of ideas, concentration, memorization), the effects of neurotropic nutrients are felt throughout the body (feeling of general well-being, dynamism, energy).

The nervous system and
the "body / brain" concept
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