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Professional Background

Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic: career summary

Specialization: new product research and development (electronics, recording, agrifoods, Internet, etc.)



Research in new technology for consciousness development. Specialization: Mental training techniques for high-level athletes. Then, beginning in 1995, focus on relaxation and meditation technologies and, in general, a focus on aspects of the mind and levels of consciousness.



Creation of OCEANIDE® SA and the launch of sensory isolation tanks in Belgium. World record with the "Journal du médecin" and participation in the 24 Hours of Francorchamps race. Opening of the Océanide® center in Saint-Josse (next to the "Winners" sports complex). Installation of about fifty units including at, among other places, the University of Mons, and the Erasme and Cavell hospitals.


1996 to 2000

Scientific research at U.L.B. in the Department of Applied Psychology with Professor Renée Van Fraechem-Raway (PhD in Physical Education Psychology, experimentation phase completed and manuscript being published).



Design of electronic equipment to accelerate the access to deep relaxation for health professionals:
the "Thêta Plus" and the "Mentalstim".



Design of a version for the general public: The "Dreamer®".
The goal was to produce electronic equipment in Belgium and not in Asia(!)



Launch of Isostar, a muscle metabolism drink which led to the idea of a drink for the mind's metabolism…  The drink's composition was developed by Vélibor Krsmanovic, Director of Research at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) of Lyon. Its organoleptic facets were developed by Charles Wart. The marketing strategy was developed with APOVER.



Introduction of sound- and pulsating light-based sedative technology to hospitals. It is used in the operating room, the post-op room, sleep laboratory, for dentistry, for pre-natal care, etc. Exclusive distribution was granted to HOSPITHERA, the leading Belgium firm in the hospital field.


Manufacturing of the electronic equipment was turned over to Trump SA. Its revenues increase seven-fold in 2000 thanks to orders for the new equipment and exports.



Creation of "FONDA-MENTAL® SA", a company highly focused on international exports (FONDA-MENTAL® SA took over Océanide® SA's assets). The system was exported to Japan, Korea, Brazil, the United States, and Europe from 2000 to 2005, generating 60 million Belgian francs in 2000.


1999 to 2004

Research on the "MIND FOOD" drink is completed. Unlike energy drinks this new neurotropic drink has no stimulants, but 25 neurotropic ingredients to optimize neuron metabolism. A licensing agreement was signed with New Tree SA, a subsidiary of "La Floridienne."



Wrote the book "Make Your Neurons Sing" published by Souffle d'or. It is a science book which popularizes new technologies for the development of consciousness and mental growth.



Development of the Biosphère® listening station with nature sounds and mood music.
Informations: https://www.zenlatitudes.com/biosphere/Fr/Presentoirs.htm



Development with Luc Schuiten of a concept for highway relaxation areas. Based on driver reaction time analysis, it uses rapid recovery cabins equipped with FONDA-MENTAL® SA technology. Presented to SHELL, the project is currently under study by highway rest stops and gas stations but neither will make a commitment to invest.

Research has turned to an alternative system that will be presented to a car manufacturer. This system will be integrated in the vehicle's interior.



Comparison of the nervous system with the emerging Internet network and research into a new system to regulate local currency movement.



Purchase of the names of all Brussels' shopping streets and their corresponding domain names (avenuelouise.com, galeriedelatoisondor.com, fortjaco.com, rueneuve.com, etc.). Transformation of a real bricks and mortar shopping street into a virtual supermarket where every store is a department within a large store with a single cash register. R&D for local Internet-based shopping software. Development of a "city card" and of a currency to complement the euro called "Brussels Advantage". This is electronic, point-based money, intended to encourage Brussels residents to shop locally. Creation of a prototype with five shopping streets in the commune of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.


Decembrer 2009

Presentation to the government of the Brussels-Capital Region and creation of the "Brussels Digital" non-profit with Bruno Wattenbergh, the current operations manager of Technopol, and with all of the Belgian interprofessional unions and associations (CCI, SDI, LVZ, SNI, UCM, Vitrines de Bruxelles, UNIZO).


June 2009 Creation of SFERE.COM, an Internet agency, to own the prototype and the registered brands and domains.
Information: http://www.sfere.com


October 2009 SFERE.COM and "BRUSHOP.COM, the Brussels' store owners site" are sold to RTL-TVI. Its intent is to create an Internet subsidiary in Belgium and all other European countries. There was a change in strategy at European headquarters in 2000 and an amicable agreement was reached with RTL Belgium. Internet consulting for RTL-TVI for twelve months. RTL-TVI also became a Brushop.com sponsor in 2009 (6 million Belgian francs for a radio and TV campaign), sponsoring of the Sfere.com English bus for five months (with the www.rtl.be logo).


March 2009

Launch of "Brushop.com" the Brussels store owners' site. However, without the financial backing of a major group, the project cannot be implemented in line with the Woluwe prototype and Brushop is limited to a database of 15,000 Brussels' stores. The site has been visited by 500 Brussels residents a day since it went live.


March 2008 and March 2009

Creation of the round table for the congress on the Internet organized by the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Mr De Donnea, at the initiative of Charles Picqué, the Minister of Economic Affairs.
March 2008: Conference with Mr. Bernard Liétard (an international expert on money, an evolving means of exchange) on the third day of the INTERNET & SOCIETY congress (March 28, 2008). Topic: Monetary innovation, city card, and presentation of the OXYGENE project for BRUSHOP.COM.


June 2008 Presentation of the OXYGENE project to Mr. Vanwayenberge, Director of Banksys. The project is rejected after financial analysis because implementation costs are deemed to be too high.


End 2008

Internet development is terminated in late 2008 due to market difficulties and, generally, following the bursting of the Internet bubble. Sfere.com® activities continue through other partners (discussions under way). Research focuses on the field of consciousness technologies. A full time development person is hired for FONDA-MENTAL® SA.

New development goal: To develop CD-based software to provide an alternative to drugs in general and to penetrate the pharmacy market.

A partnership with PHARMACIA, the leading European manufacturer of nicorette had already resulted in a breakthrough in pharmacies with the line "Stop smoking" in French and in Dutch in 2006 and 2008.



Fine-tuning of the therapeutic recordings and research on energizing music. Recording of the "Energy Disc®" et "Meta-Relaxation®" titles. Development of "MIND BOOSTER®", an electronic decoder that generates stimulating audio-visual sequences during CD listening.


March 2009

Peugeot 406 Campaign with the Biosphere CD® (25,000 Biosphere® compilations and a Biosphere® gift check).


April 2009

Opening of the "Audioceutique®" sector and distribution of the first twelve "Audio-Medicine®" (audio medication) through pharmacies (Meta-Relaxation® label) in partnership with the pharmacists' magazine "Dialogue Santé" and "Le journal du médecin."
Information: http://www.psychomed.com


September 2009

Signature of a promotional contract with INNOVEX SA (medical representatives for Belgian generalists). Twenty-four medical representatives trained by Fonda-Mental work with "audioceutic" techniques. Three visits are scheduled every year.



Common threads are developed between doctors and pharmacists during 2009 including visual aids for doctors and pharmacists + development of 20 new Audio-Medicine recordings.  Paris opening. The book "Audio-Medicine" is introduced on the Paris-Marseille TGV.



Forecasts: definition of a new product called The "DREAM-MAN" (MP3 and decoder included) which will be manufactured in China. Development of an MPman download station for pharmacies.



Review of the Fonda-Mental SA business. Re-organization with Fonda-Mental SA continuing to manage the BIOSPHERE brand as its sole product.



Creation of Zenlatitudes.com SPRL. This is a personal management structure for Stéphane Dumonceau's publication rights. Development of new products on own behalf including books, seminars, travel, etc.



Creation of Psychomed.com SA. This is a company specially designed for the development of a revolutionary new therapeutic product and Audio-Medicine. Specially created to open capital to VC and strategic partners. Two years of R&D are planned after which Psychomed.com will move strongly into product sales in ten regions and internationally.





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