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Ana - Belgium:
"Thank you for the Tuesday classes. They seemed "magical". The first time I came to your class, you talked about a "magical world" and about things I felt but that I couldn't share…and all of a sudden, listening to you, I learned that other people were feeling the same way I was…I was so happy!!! I hope that I can continue to progress and see ‘reality'. All the best."


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An ancient Hindu legend

An ancient Hindu legend tells of the time when all men were gods. This divine power enabled them to make any one of their visions come true, to crystalize any one of their dreams. But they used their powers for destructive ends because they hadn't yet reached emotional maturity.

Brahma, the leader of the gods, decided to take away their power temporarily and to hide it in a place where he knew they wouldn'be able to find it.

The problem was to find a hiding place. Brahma thought of burying man's divinity in the ground, but he immediately understood that man would dig and find it quickly. He then thought of hiding it deep in the ocean. But he thought better of this because he knew that, sooner or later, man in his unquenchable thirst for conquest of new territoiry would explore the depths of the ocean. He then thought of putting it on another planet. But he knew that one day man would explore space. Since there was no place on Earth, in the ocean, or even in space that man wouldn't one day go to, he finally decided that he would hide this colossal power deep inside man. He knew that it was the only place that man, blinded by his thirst for material power, wouldn't think of looking.

From that time on, the legend ends, man has gone around the globe, explored, climbed, dove, dug, and even visited other planets seeking for something that is hidden deep within him.

Following an Eric Butterworth message biography: http://ericbutterworth.com/html/eric_bio.html