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Or the three axes: diet, physical activity & emotional self-control.

Didier V., 60, is currently following the NUTRIZEN plan at La Rasante. You can track the results of his plan throughout the year by going to this page.

BEFORE - March 2008    
AFTER - September 2008    
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AFTER - March 2009    

Didier started the ZEN ATTITUDE seminar in November. At that time Didier weighed 125 kg. From December on, a new attitude helped him lose 12 kg in four months (March 2008). The NUTRIZEN plan really began on March 5th following a series of medical tests (heart, hormones, and general checkup).

Weight progression:

- New life habits: daily physical activity.
(hiking, cycling, walking + cardio-fitness and swimming three times a week)

- New eating habits.
(alcohol, starches, Omega 3, foods with a low calorie index, etc.)

- A new emotional lifestyle.
(wellness breaks + Audio-Medicine)

-Cardiac coherence improved over time, witness to a better-balanced nervous system.

Cardiac coherence scores:

The plan was scheduled over 12 months. A cleansing fast was scheduled for June 2008.

The NUTRIZEN goal is not just weight loss (a secondary effect) but also weight management (the cause). This depends on a person's emotional balance, on their dietary habits, and on the consistency of minimum physical activity.