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Personalized Zen Attitude coaching is coaching spread over a short period of time

It starts with a wellness assessment and a NLP-type (neuro-linguistic programming) interview to determine the issues to be managed and to sketch some solutions. The interview helps to better understand each other and to see if the choices made will work.

Next, the coaching session continues with training in wellness breaks during which topics related to the issues involved are worked on.

The coaching session concludes with an anchoring session which works at the subconscious level with the help of a suggestion method using sound and pulsating light. This method has been proven in hospitals in over 15 years of daily use. It is perfectly understood.

Generally speaking, three to six sessions are needed to find and anchor solutions. Follow-up sessions are also available during the year, as needed.

LOCATION: Royal la Rasante
Questions by email: contact@zenlatitudes.com
Price per session: 75,- USD