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Ana - Belgium:
"Thank you for the Tuesday classes. They seemed "magical". The first time I came to your class, you talked about a "magical world" and about things I felt but that I couldn't share…and all of a sudden, listening to you, I learned that other people were feeling the same way I was…I was so happy!!! I hope that I can continue to progress and see ‘reality'. All the best."

Zen Attitude

Zen Attitude classes at the Royal La Rasante.
For the dates, please contact: stephane@zenlatitudes.com

Learn to relax and rediscover your natural balance...

Discover the "Zen attitude" and how to take wellness breaks in the present moment. Then take part in a session during which you will let go and experience a state of deep relaxation.

ZEN ATTITUDE classes eliminate both conscious and subconscious tension. You will also gradually learn to distance yourself from problems over several sessions. This is an opportunity to have a moment to yourself, to return to the source… In the "presence"… Outside of time.

A number of personal development concepts are gradually introduced to facilitate daily life, to "disown" problems, and to put a distance between you and your worries.

The first part of each class consists of cardio-respiratory exercises and of positive, highly relaxing visualizations. These exercises are done in a high state of awareness and last about fifteen minutes.

The suite of the class consists of a session of deep relaxation and Letting Go. Listening is subconscious. The suite of the class lasts about 30-40 minutes.

These exercises harmonize tension at the emotional level and balance the autonomic nervous system (which regulates all of the body's automatic functions) including cardiac coherence. The classes are preventive and excellent for well-being and maintaining good health.

Given by Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic, a specialist in relaxation techniques for 20 years, inventor of Audioceutics and of various technologies that quickly induce relaxation at both the conscious and subconscious levels.