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Mentalstim - Professional audiovisual stimulator

Mentalstim is an audiovisual stimulator designed for healthcare professionals. This model is also used in operating rooms and sleep laboratories.


3.584,44,- USD
(2.964,- USD excluding VAT)
+ shipping


  • 20 pre-programmed recordings with digital play time display and rewind function.
  • Sophisticated programming (powerful effects).
  • Fifteen different pleasant and effective sounds with volume control.
  • Ultra-light glasses with intensity control.
  • Easy to use and automatic mode (two buttons).
  • Connects to any sound source with volume control (CD player, Walkman, etc.)
  • Connects to a microphone (with volume control).
  • Connects to an Alpha brain biofeedback device.
  • Can be used with two sets of glasses and two headsets (+ one control headset for the therapist).
  • Can be connected to an amplifier for 20 people.

For more information visit the "Medical" page