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PSiO Basic

399,- USD
+ Shipping costs : 26,- USD.

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8 programs included


Programs included

131,- USD* : 8 Programs of the "Quiet Sleep & Good Mood" Package

By ordering your PSiO on Psioplanet, you will receive the "Discovery program" for free and immediate download in your order history after payment of the device. The "Discovery program” was developed to acquaint you with all the possibilities offered by the PSIO and its many programs.

* Programs value if purchased separately




  • PSiO Glasses
  • Pair of Quality Mono Ear Buds (stereo connection in right arm for headset)
  • USB Cable
  • 110/220 v USB Adapter
  • Content Menu
  • Quick Start Manual


  • Sound level
  • Luminosity level
  • Play / Pause
  • Next file
  • Previous file
  • 8 hours audio-visual content
  • 4h to fully recharge battery


  • 2-year warranty
PSiO Glasses 110/220 v USB Adapter USB Cable Pair of Quality Mono Ear Buds


8 Programs of the "Quiet Sleep & Good Mood" Package offered

Value of programs : 131,- USD - Already in the PSiO memory

1. Letting Go - Photosensitive

Value : 20,- USD

This recording helps prepare you for the technology of audio-medicine and gives some advice about how to listen to audio-medicine. It offers a guided relaxation session that helps you to let go in order to benefit as much as possible from the technology used in audio-medicine. Listening to this recording first is therefore essential for people who have never experienced a state of deep relaxation. We wholeheartedly recommend it before listening to any other audio-medicine program.

35 min.

2. Fall Asleep in the Garden of Gods

Value : 20,- USD

In your perfectly relaxed state, detached from everything, this recording will take you on an extraordinary trip, a journey to the borders of the universe, to the edge of your own personal dimension. As you listen you will gradually, step by step, get rid of your worries and fall asleep naturally before the end of the recording!

34 min.

3. Hypno-Sleep

Value : 15,- USD

Starting with "ambient" music and BETA to ALPHA audiovisual stimulation at the beginning of the session, this program then takes you towards DELTA waves, the slow waves of sleep. As its name indicates, it is particularly effective if you are having trouble sleeping or falling back asleep.

29 min.

4. Sleep

Value : 15,- USD

This program will take you irresistibly into the arms of Morpheus. The induced brain waves are delta waves (wide and slow). Thanks to the repetitive stimulation, your mind first empties out, your body becomes heavy, and you are gradually overtaken by sleepiness. You will feel drowsiness grow from minute to minute until you eventually end up asleep on the doorstep of dreams.

29 min.

5. Joy of Life

Value : 20,- USD

A running river cleanses the impurities from your memories. Pleasant memories and beautiful dreams from your childhood bump into each other. Two stories take you to the country of light where "negative vibes are cleansed". This recording brings deep relaxation and a moment of intense happiness. It helps you open up to your potential for change and prepares the subconscious to live life positively. It provides a radical key to react constructively to depression !

38 min.

6. Be Happy Again

Value : 20,- USD

When your mind gets its magic powers back and becomes an artist, painting everything around it, making life more colourful, when a boat trip makes you experience the simple and essential things in life, two stories help you to open up to joy and to smile at life. Repeated listening to this title in a special way each time helps worried, broken down minds to.nd solutions by making the necessary changes.

34 min.

7. Wake Up

Value : 6,- USD

5 min.

8. Energy Source

Value : 15,- USD

This program is in Acid Jazz style and will take you toward ALPHA waves. It will relax you quickly without altering your decision-making abilities or putting you to sleep. This program begins with a high stimulation level so it's recommended for use only when you are experiencing intense stress and want to remain alert. It is particularly appropriate when you don't have much time ahead of you.

16 min.


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