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PSiO - Analysis Report by Jeff Labno

Dear Stephane,

Congratulations on your new product! It is quite apparent how much time and energy you spent creating it: the simple ergonomic design, the appealing packaging, the clarity of the manual, the attentiveness to details regarding what the pubic truly needs in an essential relaxation light and sound technology.

  1. The purity, and saturation of light used in the light glasses is outstanding. You were able to accomplish what tri-color LEDs have been attempting for years, but have largely failed. A full field effect with no awareness of the radiant light source, pure and saturated colors required for serious color therapy, such as syntonics. (Most tri-color, or other LEDs represent a pastel hue, not a rich engaging color).
  2. The sound quality is outstanding for such a simple instrument. You do not hear any distortion of sound frequencies at neither the high end, nor the low end. Do you have specs of frequency range for those interested.
  3. Your language choices represent a nice selection. Even the British in copy, and spoken on your programs is sensible to the American ear. The use of both male and female voice is outstanding, as often people prefer one to the other; whereas yours is balanced. The sound moving back and forth from side to side is quite therapeutic and speaks highly as to the depth of your intent to make a superior product; not just another version of what's already been done.
  4. Your minimal copy Quick Start Manual is nice. One does not need to read an involved disclosure of details to get started.
  5. The Introduction Program to using the PSiO is brilliant! I've been coaxing manufacturers for over 30 years to provide such a program. Doing this helps your retailers sell your product. People's first exposure to quality light and quality sound is what sells machines.
  6. The durable shipping package for International shipping is well thought out. It is light, well done for retail store shelf presentation, and integrally sound so as not to incur damage due to vibration during shipping.
  7. 7. The two year warranty is a nice touch. It speaks “assurance to customers” as to the quality of your design. Returns due to failure of product during shipping and lack of durability adds significantly to the cost of doing business for mail order companies.
  8. The design of the glasses reminds me of the Stress Field out of Australia (NLA). Those were great sellers due to professional appearance of product, and ease of use.
  9. The graphics both on the outside/inside of the box are very well done. Manufacturers typically write too much copy; whereas your is comfortable to the eye.
  10. The Manual was also well written; simple and to the point and written in a directive style making it easier for consumers to get started using the device. Might a 6x8 inches plastic laminated card with larger print (those with vision challenges) use diagram on front, programs on back be an advantage ?
  11. I'm impressed with the plug-in recharger system. Could the power cord be longer? It is nice to have the International converter system included. This is a huge problem in mail order. The charge seems to last a long time. I wonder if you might spell out how many operating hours - useful to prepare system for travel, and for unit demos at expos.
  12. You've included everything so the customer only has to charge it after taking it out of the box. Many people using mail order do live in remote areas, or where weather is extreme, so having to additionally go out and buy something is an issue. Even in the concrete jungle of New York City; going out after work across town for a purchase involves planning.
  13. How about a carry case, like a shave kit ?

Obviously I'm very impressed! You've created a product which does not require the public to get involved in the details of past light and sound devices. No pre-education required.

This is a boon to those who don't want to know the science(s) of entrainment, AD(H)D, binaural beats, AudioStrobe, ColorPulse, LEDs, monochromatic sound...

The PSiO is more and aesthetic experience, merging the senses to syaesthesize a more relaxed state. No questions need be asked, just put it on, and tell me what you think.

The market niche for this is potentially far broader than a light and sound device. I don't know if you want to niche it that category at all. Women especially like simplicity when it comes to a device; versus men who like more complications. The complications may represent capability, but what percentage in fact uses this capability - 5%.

Since I began selling L/S; my headaches came from manufacturers consistently introducing new words to describe a clever new way to apply the technology; but the public became confused over the complexities of which to buy, and what do these words mean.

I'm not saying there is not a niche for about every L/S system available; but figuring out that niche and guiding people to correctly purchase is an art form. Your system bypasses much of the education process retailers may enjoy at first, but soon tire of the exhaustive questions.

Good luck! I look forward to hearing of future developments. In the meantime, I shall write up a review on Facebook, and also mind-L.

Jeff Labno

Who is Jeff Labno ?

Jeff Labno is a native of California and is expert in the field of light and sound technology (AVS) He co-founded Altered States Mind Gym (1980-1991) . Altered States Mind Gym was located in Hollywood California with six float tanks, light and sound systems, Symmetrons (motion tables & chairs), Graham Potentializer (motion bed), brainwave Biofeedback units, Star Chamber (mirrored chambers), massage, musical vibration systems, binaural beat generators, and more. Altered States Mind Gym attracted world wide media coverage, giving Mr. Labno a vast background for presenting mind machines in print, radio, and television. Jeff later became the manager for Inner Space in Santa Monica, California; a busy retail store offering mind machine technology and experiences to the public such as vibration and motion systems, light and sound systems, color therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, and Feng Shui products. Here, Jeff gained further experience in relaxation technology, establishing himself as one of the industry's leaders in mind machine technology and techniques.

Jeff Labno next worked six years for the world's largest mail order catalog selling mind machines, Tools For Wellness. He researched new products, tested them, worked in product development, and wrote both catalog and Internet copy. At this time, he co-edited the AVS Journal, a professional journal for light and sound systems. After 45 years of dabbling in Yoga, meditation, and mind machines; He discovered that light and sound machines are the perfect fit for Yogic and meditative practice. Now Jeff Labno consults with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and private individuals on all aspects of mind machine tools and techniques, along with writing copy for brochures and technical manuals.