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Not Working - Mirano

At the Mirano Continental: NOT WORKING evenings

Stéphane Dumonceau led a "Bizz-cussions" evening on company well-being and on the "Zen Attitude, managing your emotions" seminar.


There were four computers upstairs that participants could use to test their level of stress and their cardiac coherence.

What is the concept behind NOT WORKING evenings? To promote meetings among professionals on the basis of criteria and affinities contained in the NOT WORKING online database and, especially, to create networks of relationships to make meeting others easier. And to have the opportunity to meet in person and locally, that is, at the Mirano in Brussels, in the early evening, one Wednesday a month. In fact, the concept is similar to Xing or Videao but done locally with the added bonus of actually being able to meet the other members!

But, the surprise doesn't end there! Imagine that you are a member (it's free...for now). You will receive a membership card with a barcode to activate your profile in the database (Intranet). The database is specially set up on NOT WORKING evenings so that the other people in the room will know that you are there: your name is displayed on a giant screen and you appear in the database which is accessible from stations located around the room. Someone wants to talk to you? They send you a message from their screen and the message ends up on… your cell phone (you receive a SMS credit when you register). It's great!

Congratulations to the organizers for this wonderful initiative!
We'll see you next month, on a Wednesday evening...
More information on the Not Working website: http://www.eventattitude.net/Notworking