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Stress Management

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These will guide you to a state of deep relaxation through soft music and multiple voices, to the edge of sleep...

Alternating between the left ear and the right ear, and sometimes using both at once, amusing and calming, the symbolic stories told speak directly to your subconscious which takes in the messages as you let your awareness rest.

The Audio-Medicine technique

These recordings are based on the suggestion techniques of Dr Milton Erickson and are the result of fifteen years of research in psycho acoustics and in psychosomatic medicine (many hospitals in Belgium and in France now use them in sleep laboratories, recovery rooms, and for locoregional anesthesia, preventive medicine, etc.)

When the voices start "speaking" simultaneously, let yourself hear them without trying to listen. After a while, you will just want to let your mind travel.

If you listen indirectly or, rather, if you let yourself hear while staying relaxed, the messages, metaphors and images will more easily reach the area of your subconscious that needs them the most.

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