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Lose Weight - Weight Management
Mobilizing resources and emotional "clearing"

Mobilizing resources - Finding tools to reach a goal:

  1. Emotional clearing (based on LECRON's seven keys)
  2. Understanding how the body expresses itself
  3. Healing after a traumatic event
  4. Becoming aware of (and taking distance from) identifications and counter-identifications
  5. Reconciling with oneself and others
  6. Getting out of intra-psychic ambivalence
  7. Distancing yourself from negative influences

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Table Yoga - Weight Management
Strengthening the ego

- Building your serenity bubble, your confidence zone:

  1. Mobilizing deep resources
  2. Vital energy ("directions for use")
  3. Making the right choices
  4. Loving yourself from the inside out
  5. Strengthening your ego

- Setting the timing for change 4.
- Strengthening your ego:

  • Rediscover your confidence thanks to the past
  • Association with dominant fist tightening: creating an ideomotor effect to strengthen confidence, the will to act, pride in succeeding...

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Changing your state of mind and shape - Weight Management
Promoting change (in habits)

- Distancing yourself
- Reinforcing motivation by projecting into the future and feeling the benefits:

  1. Promoting change
  2. Eating with pleasure to lose weight
  3. The allegory of the tea taster: How to eat and drink while taking the time to fully enjoy all the taste sensations of small portions…appreciating every mouthful…getting the most pleasure
  4. Rediscovering the pleasure of movement (gradually)
  5. Distancing yourself from "toxic foods", bad habits, dangerous influences (thanks to the red balloon)
  6. Projection - visualization in the future once you have recovered your ideal weight and shape (+ two questions)

- Experimenting in life:

  • The pleasure of new sensations (once you have found your ideal weight)
  • The pleasure/pride of having succeeded/reached your goal

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Directions for use

These three recordings were designed to fulfill the various emotional needs of weight management.

The three recordings are complementary and can be used during the entire treatment, if possible in the order indicated (although this isn't compulsory). After 3 x 1 month of listening to each recording, they can be used in any order given that the suggestions are complementary and that a choice will be made according to the individual feelings and benefits.