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Balneo for the bath

Eight recordings will soon be released for use in the bath. They will make it into a wonderful place for relaxation and meditation...

The bathtub is a wonderful place to recover and have some time to yourself. Listening to the "Balneo-relaxation" series provides an opportunity to discover your private "stream" away from the currents of the mighty "daily" river. A few minutes of travel to the shores of a country where stress is unknown...

Coming soon in English:


and Letting Go
10 min.

10 minutes of guided relaxation in weightlessness. A magical moment when time stops to the sound of the didgeridoo and singing whales… Then the mind escapes, consciousness floats too and gradually, all tension flows away.


And this other titles :

Stress Management in the bath

Balneo - energizing

Floating with a calm spirit

Relaxing in the bath with positive

Floating and reducing anxiety

Floating in the Garden of Eden

Balneo - calming