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The MIND BOOSTER® Experience and Music CD series are the best available in brain stimulation and neuronal growth stimulation software.

These programs truly "boost" the mind by harmonizing the flow of mental energy with recorded rhythms that promote better structuring of emitted brain waves (reflects specific induced activity). Ideal as a complement to visual stimulation of the MIND BOOSTER.

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The result of more than 20 years of scientific research, the MIND BOOSTER® Music series is at the crossroads of scientific research and artistic creation. The encoded stimulation trails are harmoniously combined with original psychedelic auditory stimulations whose primary characteristic is that they were developed for their special components that work directly on brain reactivity. The world is "frequency". The Psychomed research laboratory has been studying the impact of light and sound rhythms on the induction of various levels of consciousness since 1984. This is why these unusual recordings are original and powerful.

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The MIND BOOSTER® Experience CD series offers seven programs for four levels of consciousness. These are the same as the sessions programmed in the Mind Booster, the first fully programmed audio-visual stimulation device for private use. Thanks to the CD media, the quality of audio stimulation has been fully developed while keeping the base brain stimulation schemes. This is the result of scientific electro-encephalography research to understand how audio-visual stimulation can lead an experience to one or another level of consciousness.

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