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Stop Time

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Cédric A. - France:
"...I have to tell you again that I really love your "Stop Time" CDs, especially the latest ones: "Stop Time and Being, Peace". And of course the older ones are excellent to put an end to suffering from the past and destroy fear of the future… They reset my vibrations in just minutes :) "

Stop Time - Explanations

The "STOP TIME" recorded guides were designed to enable ZEN LATITUDES seminar participants to continue to practice what they learned at home or at the office and to benefit from remote support.

These recordings were developed to enable short well-being breaks in sitting position at the office, in a chair, or lying on a rug on the floor.


The "STOP TIME" series is a set of relaxation recordings especially developed for short breaks during the day and at work. They are used sitting straight up and with full concentration.

Unlike Audio-Medicine which have a therapeutic effect on stress-related disorders, these are solely relaxation recordings. Another difference between these two lines of recordings is the state of consciousness and activity required from the part of brain that manages attention. While Audio-Medicine promote Letting Go and subconscious listening (hearing without listening) the Stopping Time recordings recommend conscious listening with attention focused on the body and breathing. This is a completely different type of relaxation.

By using the "STOP TIME" recordings during the day on short breaks and the Audio-Medicine before going to sleep, work is done on both the conscious and subconscious to take away tension and stress.

The "STOP TIME" series was specially designed to be used in synergy with the cardiac coherence software which enables real time checking of the effectiveness of the relaxation techniques used and to stimulate the depth of concentration on attention and presence. "The Power of Now" by Eckardt Tolle, the books of Peter Russel, and a seminar by Pietro Dos, philosopher and wellness coach.