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Audio-Medicine testimonial
Here is my testimonial about my experiences with the relaxation CDs! As a musician, I was really very happy to discover the gastro-relaxation and Stress Management CDs four years ago because I'm completey convinced that music and words have an undeniable impact on the mind, behavior, and the body. As soon as I heard about the metarelaxation CDs I immediately looked for them at FONDA-MENTAL, Avenue Lambeau, just before leaving on vacations. I was going to a family situation that is always very tense. It was preventive medicine. It was also the beginning of another journey. It was like having a new space within me that let me refocus on my deepest self, an environment that enabled me to breathe in the midst of storms. Even when outside conflict did impact my digestive system and multiply tension knots, listening to the sound and music background and the relaxing voices provided the necessary unblocking, gradual unknotting, and relaxation. Over time and with listening, my body learned this language of relaxation. This enabled it to react positively more quickly, by starting up the mechanisms to unload tension. Every moment became an invitation to catch my breath, a breath of life. The quality of the texts and the selection of background sounds are remarkable because there are different words and vibrations on the horizon that leave traces behind every time, sometimes with me even realizing. I had my children who are are 8 and 12 listen to the two CDs to help them when they had trouble falling asleep after a lot of stress at school. They told me that they work really well! So these moments of relaxation - and into the depths of myself - always help me to (re)discover myself and they can certainly help everyone on their path to personal development!
Marie P. - Brussels - Belgium - 4/4/2008
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The Energy Discs are available by download
The psychedelic Mind Booster Experience and Music recordings are now available by download for 6 USD each (all taxes included).
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NEW: "BBA" certification
"A guaranty of quality and harmony". The ZEN LATITUDES recordings (the new Zen class recording label) are made under cardiac coherence biofeedback.

No recordings are made without first checking overall harmony. The speakers reading their texts are therefore in a state of complete nervous system equilibrium at the time of recording. This means that their voices more easily communicate a state of serenity and complete relaxation to listeners.