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Zenlatitudes Newsletter n°1

The newsletter for good news

Hello to all!
The time has finally come for the "Zen latitudes" newsletter

Zen cruise

First bit of good news: a change in direction for the Zen cruise: forget about the Virgin Islands at Easter, hmm… That will have to be for another time. The cruise will take place in September 2008 in the Seychelles! Paradise on Earth and on the ocean (to summarize)… 10 days in a Garden of Eden at an affordable price (the Seychelles are known to be very expensive). There, you will discover harmony and nature in a pristine state with a yoga/stretching session in the morning, relaxing during the day with some sailing and snorkeling among the magnificent islands and, of course, a Zen session before the aperitif which, as you can imagine, will be easy to take at that latitude… Click here to find out more.

Experience the desert

A new experience on the activities page: a camel hike in the desert from February 17 through February 24… More information? Click here.

Zen Attitude seminar, Managing your emotions

The next Zen Attitude seminar will be held on Saturday, December 8.
Location: La Rasante, non-members welcome
More information? Click here.

Zen Point

Fourth bit of good news: the next ZEN Point, on Tuesday, November 6 at 8h15 pm will address the topic of luminotherapy and its benefits.

Conference presented by Yves Wauthier-Freymann:
Who among us has never felt like they were coming alive again on a beautiful spring day?None of us can deny that light is the source of life, pleasure, and energy for human beings. But not all of us are created equal when it comes to lack of light. Some of us find the seasonal lack of light deeply disturbing... Nearly 20% of all people suffer from lack of light and need regular or intermittent help from light therapy. It is used as a primary or complementary treatment for depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, concentration problems...

Location: Seminar room, Royal La Rasante, non-members welcome
Date: Tuesday, November 6. More information? Click here

Good news from the research world

Pre-surgery hypnosis can reduce pain and hospital costs. Science has offically begun to acknowledge the impact of suggestion in the hospital environment. A very recent American study demonstrated that hypnosis before breast surgery reduced the amount of medication needed during the procedure and lessened post-surgical pain and nausea. Hospitals also benefit from the procedure through reduced costs, and because surgery is shorter… Click here to find out more.

In the recovery room

Roger Henneaux, the nurse responsible for the recovery room at the Saint Pierre hospital in Brussels. Used since 1994. Results: 25% fewer post-surgical complications and improved subjective patient comfort...  

Although the United States is quite far behind, the interesting and positive aspects of suggestion are beginning to be widely acknowledged. In France and in Belgium, our technologies have been used in our hospitals for more than 18 years now… Every day, thousands of patients benefit in the operating room, recovery room, and in their hospital bed.
Click here to read more.

To summarize, and as you can imagine, this little newsletter does not take itself too seriously and hopes to entertain you a little while looking at the positive side of things. They say that good news doesn't interest anyone… What do YOU think? Send us your comments!

Don't forget that class is now on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm. It's a special moment to refocus, move out of time, and stop worrying... about things that aren't really all that important but which we carry on our shoulders even when no one asked us to!

And don't you think it's important that you take care of yourself a bit when you go home in the evening(?) Be a little selfish!

When we feel good about ourselves, we send out good vibes to those around us. There is nothing healthier in this world than being happy... and making others happy too, right?

See you soon,
Stéphane Dumonceau