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Zenlatitudes Newsletter n°3

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Hello to all!
Here is the third edition of the "Zenlatitudes" newsletter


First good news: the Zen cruise is finally getting under way! Come and be a Crusoe of the southern seas in September 2008 and take part in the "Zen cruise" in the Seychelles! Ten days in a comfortable catamaran, far from everything, in contact with nature and well preserved islands. All of the details on the ACTIVITIES page and at the next Zen Point on Tuesday, February 5 at 8:15 pm at Royal La Rasante.

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"Free One's Mind"


Two new Audio-Medicine: "Sugar-Free" and "Free One's Mind"

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The recordings are now BBA (BIO-BALANCED APPROVED): made under cardiac coherence Check Up, in neurovegetative harmony...

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Great news! There is a new speaker in the Audio-Medicine field: Aurelie combines perfect diction with a very pleasant soft and firm speaking voice. Two very nice recordings to look forward to...

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The main causes of obesity are, on one hand, the change in feeds used to raise the animals we eat and the abusive enriching of our food with a long list of additives - in short, the general quality of our food - and, on the other, our sedentary lifestyles. To this must also be added the increase in overall stress that now affects society. We take a look at how these three factors work together to promote the gradual accumulation of fats in the body: A chronicle of weight gain foretold...

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"How to digest traumas" is the title of the conference given at the January ZEN POINT by Gerald Brassine, founder of the Milton Erickson Institute of Belgium.
Gerald Brassine's technique is a combination of brief incursions into the past and the modification of traumatic images to replace them with new, less dramatic or even humorous ones during a process of symbolic reframing. Gerald makes jazz...! He improvises on images and feelings and replaces negative ones with others that are more pleasant or have no meaning. The idea is to close in on the "dragon" by stealth in an emotional setting that is as comfortable as possible while moving in the same direction as the resistance the patient sometimes creates for themself to avoid contemplating the full extent of their suffering.
This "zapping" technique brings other, pleasant situations which the patient has experienced under other circumstances to the painful zone by mixing information about the problem experienced with other experiences that have only pleasant associations. Trauma is gradually completely erased over several sessions using a technique based on 25 years of experience.
A summary of this conference is on the Zen Point.


The ENERGY DISCs (energizing recordings designed to be listened to in synergy with the Mind Booster) are now available for downloading from the Zen store. The MIND BOOSTER® Experience and Music CD series are the best in brain stimulation and neuron growth software. These programs are true mind "boosters" that harmonize the flow of mental energy and, based on the recorded rhythms, promote better structuring of emitted brain waves (reflecting the specific activity induced).

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A field containing all of the past and future information in the universe seems to exist in the quantum void. The latest book by E. Laszlo (Science and the Akaschi Field, Ariane) takes a look at the state of current knowledge in the field. His statements support those of Y. Dutheil ("Superluminous Man," Sand), of Stanislas Grof ("Realms of the Human Subconscious"), and of Jeremy Narby ("The Cosmic Serpent," GEORG). I recommend these astonishing and interesting books for the light they shed on the reality behind the mirror.

11. TESTIMONIAL ON Audio-Medicine

"I bought some metarelaxation CDs a few weeks ago. I found them on the internet. I didn't know this treatment method and I wanted to try it. I am currently in therapy for spasmophilia I can't get rid of and the Audio-Medicine help me a lot by supplementing my therapy. It's really great. My favorite one right now is "Stress Management" but I also tried "Joie de Vivre" which is very good too. I know that I will order some other ones in the coming months. I even told my psychologist about them. Thanks again for this treatment method. Patients trying to get rid of permanent stress without taking oral medication will surely discover it over the coming years..."
Mathias G. - Saint-Quentin - France - 1/12/2008

To read all of the Audio-Medicine testimonials, go to: www.psychomed.com