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Weight management


A novel and global approach to weight problems.

Finding and maintaining our ideal weight has become a preoccupation for many of us. An excessively sedentary lifestyle, obvious, or poorly understood, nutritional drift, social stress, and hereditary predisposition are key elements of this physical and mental health issue.

Zen Latitudes has worked with a committee of specialized doctors in nutrition to create NUTRIZEN, a medically coherent approach to nutrition. It combines medical, psychological, and muscular dietary aspects to help you first lose weight then maintain a healthy weight while continuing to be a "happy eater" who can live and handle certain situations and emotions better.

What is included in the NUTRI-ZEN programs?
They combine:

The program is broken down into modules lasting 4 to 8 weeks. Several weeks are required to anchor the new ways of thinking, eating, and moving.

The program starts with a half-day group session. Seminar attendees are given very detailed information on the changes they will implement, a practical overview of specific mind exercises, and a computerized biofeedback evaluation of the effects of an exercise on their emotional equilibrium (cardiac coherence).

Personalized rediscovery of movement adapted to each individual's physical abilities and goals begins with an evaluation in the fitness room. The amount and types of physical exercises that will be done are defined with the sports coaches of the Royal La Rasante.

"Nutritional" psychology is approached by learning exercises to let go. This dietary ZEN ATTITUDE operates on the emotional attitudes and thoughts that upset dietary behavior or hinder the following of a few hygiene life skills rules. Long-term learning and support tools are used: cardiac coherence biofeedback (a type of mental yoga using computer software) and CD audio guides help participants learn to renew their resources ("Stopping Time"). There are also therapeutic CDs such as "Metarelaxation", the subconscious listening of relaxing messages.

Diet correction is based on the most up-to-date knowledge of human nutrition and the causes of weight disorders. It is intended to ensure lipid balance, including Omega 6/Omega 3 equilibrium, to ensure a sufficient and at times therapeutic contribution of high-biological value proteins, of antioxidants, of vitamin-carrying nutritional elements to facilitate the mobilization of superfluous reserves, of soluble and non-soluble dietary fibers, etc.

NUTRI-ZEN programs have access to several innovations that have revolutionized the nutritional quality of selected foods and enabled the removal of several natural barriers to weight loss.

Dietary and psychological group coaching is provided through the Zen Points…

Individual coaching for dietary and emotional psychology and obesity medicine and nutrition is provided by the personal coaches of La Rasante who are highly trained and informed.