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The seminar leader:
Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic

Objective Zen

The "OBJECTIVE ZEN" seminar is the natural continuation of the "ZEN ATTITUDE, emotion management" seminar.

OBJECTIF ZEN is really a small revolution in itself. It will change the way you look at life, and provide and explain the major alchemical keys. It will also especially provide SOLUTIONS that will enable you to always make life an "optimal experience". It consists of practical exercises that provide a deep understanding of the theoretical concepts that intersect the practical exercises. They are always backed by the cardiac coherence software that allows participants to check the impact in real time on their body and, in particular, on their nervous system, the body's automatic pilot.

This recording is not based on theoretical concepts but is the result of the author's own experiences. He has personally verified the concepts presented.

The theoretical portions of the seminar provide answers to the questions raised by the exercises. They explain the life philosophy which complements them.

The practical sections of the seminar present the following, among other things:

  1. Cutaneous breathing:
    (learning to breathe through the skin, developing visualization, etc.)
    Exercises to learn to breathe through the skin at the same time.
  2. Breathing the elements:
    (ddevelops visualization and sensory links for warmth, coolness, weight, and lightness.)
    Exercise to learn to breathe the four elements.
  3. Leaving the body through visualization:
    (moving away from the ego/moving out of time)
    Exercise to move out of time and the ego.
  4. Tree meditation:
    (rooting yourself in the earth and connecting with the sky)
    Meditation exercise with the tree.
  5. Transforming negative energy into positive energy:
    (p = e x i, that is, problem = energy + information).
    Gathering energy.
    Do not gather information, turn yourself into energy.
    Do not make yourself into information.
    Exercises to transform problems into creative solutions.
  6. Think creating.
    Create your future.
    Visualize your desires instead of your fears.
    Exercise to visualize your desires.
  7. Fear, guilt, resentment, bitterness, sadness, etc.
    Exercise to replace a negative feeling with a positive feeling.

Each participant will receive five ZEN LATITUDES recordings so that they can practice at home right after the seminar (a 65,- USD value).

Price: 120,- USD excluding taxes. 145,20 USD including all taxes.

The following are included in the overall price (a 65 USD value): - The ZEN LATITUDES book*
- Five ZEN LATITUDES recordings*

*download: links for downloading MP3 and PDF files are provided by email.

Next session: TBD

P.S.: For obvious reasons, this seminar can only be taken by people who have already learned basic breathing and visualization techniques at a ZEN ATTITUDE Seminar. These basic techniques and cardiac coherence are expected to be known and mastered. Participants can go further in mastering Zen concepts and in mental gymnastics at the OBJECTIVE ZEN seminar.

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