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Seminar - July 26, 2008

Here is feedback from the session: The seminar was very well organized. Very pleasant setting; the PCs and software worked well…

The seminar met my expectations and I'll be able to put the techniques I learned into practice. It's nearly vital for me to use your techniques because I had a cardiovascular accident in January.

In terms of methodology, alternating theory, exercises and practical aspects was ideal.

I would have liked to go around the table for presentations at the beginning of the day. That would have made the group atmosphere a little friendlier without going into details about personal motivations. I was surprised that some of the participants hardly spoke!

I didn't like the theoretical part between 3 and 4 in the afternoon as much. It was a bit more monotonous although the video was interesting!

Thanks a lot! I'm convinced that learning your techniques can save lives…  And improve everyday life for many people.

You can count on me to talk about you. In fact, I already have!

Ariane, Administrative and Financial Manager.


Seminar - February 9, 2008

I didn't get through the CDs the first couple of times. I fell asleep or fell asleep again before the end! And of course, breathing in/breathing out several times during the day and this Monday at the pool. This morning I thought that other targeted listening topics would suit me too.

I liked:
- Presentation of the overall topic. Tone of voice and speed of delivery: relaxing.
- Cardiac coherence exercises: the color graphs that help you evaluate yourself (I even redid the exercises while visualizing their effect on the graph). It's a nice support and it immediately provides an interesting and entertaining dynamic for the group
- The dual rate that neatly images the impact of suffering
- The concept of Reactance and the theoretical part about balance and harmony and the illustrations that went with it
- The group atmosphere: it was healthy and nobody tried to dominate

It was a special and positive experience for a dreamer.
I didn't like the afternoon as much: I find sitting uncomfortable and I didn't really benefit from the relaxation.

I'm happy with my participation in the seminar and if I had to rate it: 8/10



Seminar - October 27, 2007

Here is my feedback on the seminar:
"First of all, I really appreciated the immediate effect of the exercises and the teacher's no nonsense approach. Teaching was clear and distinctive and accessible to all. A good program: a very diverse day; not at all boring; I didn't feel tired at any time; I learned a lot and it was relaxing. The Aqua Zen at the end was great!" Vicky - Pilates Revolution


Hello Stéphane,

The breathing and visualization exercises with the cardiac coherence software opened my heart to better use of the meditation techniques I learned along the way. And thanks ESPECIALLY the feedback you so kindly gave me. It enabled me to choose the right keys to open the doors to my deepest self, the real me.

Letting Go is something I know well because I trust life and my path. But what a great door-opener for discovering what Letting Go really means.

Your definition of emotional maturity, simple and true.

Thank you for the DVDs. They're perfect. Just one small regret: the syllabus is a bit too "short" and too bad the projector didn't work.

On the other hand, you're charisma made everything OK and your presentation was great. It was obvious in the perfect balance between theory and practice, and your simplicity, joie de vivre, kindness, and active serenity.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Didier, Trainer and Company Coach


Seminar - February 24, 2007

The seminar was a very good experience for me. I really liked the calmness with which you tackled the topic (that's probably not surprising given the subject, but it still really stood out for me!) While I really enjoyed the pool session I didn't (immediately) grasp the link with the exercises we did before the ones in the pool.

I am currently using the Audio-Medicine (Letting Go, falling asleep, and joie de vivre) and I'm extremely happy that I discovered this technique.
Thank you very much and maybe until another time.

H. - Tubize

Hello Stéphane, 
Thank you for a very fulfilling day.

As I told you, what you taught me opened up several very fruitful paths for me…

The content of your seminar

Your leadership and teaching approach



Equipment used for training

A big "zenthanks", I mean, thanks for this day.

Pascal R.


Good evening, Stéphane!

I wanted to let you know that I listened to three of your CDs again yesterday. You see, I've nearly become a disciple of your method!

Dr G. Z. - Brussels


Seminar - October 21, 2006

I attended the "ZEN ATTITUDE" seminar last October 21st and I wanted to let Stéphane know how grateful I am to him.
When faced with anxiety or suffering, we tend to block our natural breathing, to cut ourselves off from ourselves.
Stéphane teaches how to experiment with controlled breathing to relax internal organs and, especially, to make our heart beat coherent.

He not only explained how to do this, he also showed us. We could see it, marvel at it, through the fantastic technique provided by biofeedback software to which we were all individually linked thanks to a sensor in our ear.

He also used positive mental images to show us how to optimize the process further.


The CD's allow me to train on a daily basis and to gradually improve my Stress Management. It takes me five or ten minutes anytime, anywhere!

Thank you Stéphane and see you at the next seminar!

Agnès B.