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Seminars in 2014 :

- Saturday, March 29
- Saturday, May 31
- Saturday, June 28

Lodging for seminar participants:

Hôtel Lambeau - 1200 Brussels Five minutes from the club by car. +32.2/732.51.70. About 90 USD (including all taxes). Breakfast included. The Hotel Lambeau is very practical and clean. It is also convenient for the training.

Hôtel Métropole - 1000 Brussels. Located downtown, twenty minutes from the club by car: +32.2/217.23.00. About 200 USD (including all taxes). Breakfast included. This hotel is ideal if you want to combine work with a visit of the city.

Subconscious listening

Aqua Zen

Zen Attitude - Learn the "Zen attitude" to manage your emotions!

Seminar at the Royal La Rasante | One-day training


The seminar will teach you two quick-to-learn techniques that are easy to use at both the office and at home!


You will have an opportunity to verify the effectiveness of these techniques by checking the impact of the exercises on your heart in real time thanks to cardiac coherence software. Every attendee will be given a captor to connect to their laptop and you can check then train to do the exercises taught during the seminar. The technology shown by S. Dumonceau has been used in hospitals for 20 years and several million people have benefited from it.

Incoherent cardiac rhythm Coherent cardiac rhythm


Two accessible and scientifically proven techniques to manage daily stress and to gradually build a "distancing" emotional attitude commonly called the "Zen attitude". The first technique can be used when you are sitting down at the office and the second one when you are lying in your bed before going to sleep.


Training is intended for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and creativity and to avoid insofar as possible any of the well-known psychosomatic dysfunctions that result from excessive stress (insomnia, headaches, gastric disorders, cardiac problems, depression, etc.) All of these can be avoided by practicing the techniques learned at the seminar.



Learning materials: syllabus with theoretical and practical sections, computerized assessment, biofeedback software, CD audio guides.

  • Understanding the stress process and how it affects our feelings and our entire body.
  • Learning to manage the continuous thought flow and understanding meditation technique.
  • Learning to manage emotions and how to induce positive thoughts.

Free materials included with the training: syllabus including theoretical and practical sections. The end goal is to become autonomous. Therefore, all participants receive six audio guides (included in the price of the seminar and valued at 120,- USD) to continuing practicing after the seminar! The entire body will benefit from the feeling of harmony that comes from consistent practice of Zen Attitude exercises… The techniques are easy to learn; they prevent stress-related problems and lead to good health! 


Theoretical section:

Practical section:


In the morning participants learn calming breathing and techniques to meditate while sitting at the office. They learn to calm their endless flow of thoughts and positive visualization.

In the afternoon, the theoretical section of the course covers how the subconscious is formed, how it impacts our body and our actions and how to cleanse stress through subconscious listening. Participants will experience subconscious listening with the group thanks to sound and light technology. This is a surprising experience that uses key rhythms to bring on spontaneous, quick Letting Go, and deep subconscious listening in just a few minutes. The afternoon is structured around Audio-Medicine and Audio-Medicine.


The seminar concludes with a visit to the Royal la Rasante club pool (and its wellness area with sauna, hamman, Jacuzzi, etc.) and an Aquazen session. The club's hot water pool is used to apply and double-check the breathing techniques presented during the morning session in an aquatic environment. PS: The seminar ends at 5 pm but attendees have access to the wellness area until the club closes at 10:30 pm.

  Stéphane Dumonceau-Krsmanovic,
the creator of Audio-Medicine and the founder of Audioceutic.

He has specialized in relaxation techniques since 1985 and has more than 20 years of Stress Management experience.


Saturday, March 29, 2014 -

From 10 am to 5 pm
+ access to the club's wellness health center until closing time (10:30 pm)


Royal La Rasante, Rue Sombre 56, 1200 Brussels
Materials included: 1 syllabus. Also provided with the seminar:
2 "Stop Time" recordings + 3 "Audio-Medicine" CDs (value: 120,- USD)
IMPORTANT: Seminar participants must bring a laptop computer.
If you don't have one, please contact us.

250,- USD (including all taxes)


USD 180 (including all taxes)
Lunch is not included - Maximum 13 people

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