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Floating Tank OVA


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We have designed a floatation tank which is both simple and totally sure. The design is particularly successful. The tank offers a totally avant-garde recycling technique. The installation is made up of only two parts, the floating tank in the shape of an egg and the filtration station with electronic control. These two parts are easily connected together, thanks to the flexible tubes delivered with the unit; a 230 V / 6A electrical supply protected by fuses is sufficient.

The installation is economical to maintain and easy to install. Install, dissolve the magnesium sulfate and float !

Technical Characteristics  

The hull

  • Dimentions: L.2,60m/l.1,60m/h.1,30m.
  • Perfect egg shape: positive shape waves.
  • Large entrance door: easy access.
  • Standard color: white outside, blue inside.
  • 12- volt / 10-watt underwater spotlight.
  • 12 -volt ventilation.
  • Two 8 ohms underwater speakers.
  • Light and music can be activated and disconnected from inside the tank via two membrane switches.

Electrical description

  • Filtering module : pump with electromagnetic coupling.
  • Pneumatic switch to operate the light in the tank.
  • Ventilator: 12 volts, permanently activated (particularly silent).
  • Disinfection after each floatation session.
  • Two switches for light and music inside the tank.
  • Temperature control: maintains a constant temperature between 34.7° and 35.1°.

The filtering station

  • Entirely in chromium-plated metal.
  • Includes the 3 – 5 my filter with pockets, the double UV radiation room, the water pump with electromagnetic coupling.
  • Automatic measuring of the disinfectant after each floatation session.

The electrical piloting

  • The electrical box is placed in a waterproof box.
  • Electrical protection by FI contactor.
  • Numerical control of the temperature,.
  • Numerical time switch for the duration of the floatation session.

The packaging include

  • The complete unit such as described above.
  • The warranty: one year on parts and workmanshipe.

Others informations

  • Delivery : 6 to 8 weeks after placing the order.
  • Terms of payment : 60% on ordering / 40% before delivery.

Close the detail of the product

22.500,00 $

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