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PSiO Magazine

PSiO Magazine

The magazine of the PSiO Network

More than a simple catalog, the PSiO Magazine aids the PSiO ambassadors in their work to inform the public about PSiO.

We feature the pioneers as well as showcase the innovative actions of ambassadors. This publication also presents studies that explain the effects of certain applications and the PSiO network philosophy.

What is the PSiO network and what is its mission?

It is a network of highly satisfied users who feel it is important to communicate the benefits of the PSiO applications via their families, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or health sector professionals.

The PSiO network was developed through information sessions, open days in companies, discovery workshops or evenings between friends ! Experiencing relaxation sessions actively practicing mindfulness and positive visualization all work complementarily to activate a new neuronal metabolism.

In a society fed with sleeping pills, antidepressants and anxiolytics, PSiO presents itself as a real opportunity to achieve harmony of one’s mind naturally, step by step. This is the first time such a simple solution has been available to the public and that it can be found on the bedside table to generate positive thinking with the effective support of light that acts as a potent catalyst.

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