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Frequently asked questions about the Internet store.

How do I order an item and/or download?
It's easy. Just click “Add” to the basket for each article you want then “Continue Shopping”. When you have finished shopping, click “Check out”, fill out the customer form and all of the data requested then either pay online or select another payment method.

What if I'm already a customer and I already filled out the form. Do I have to fill it out again for future purchases?
No, your contact details are already saved in our database and you do not have to fill out the client questionnaire. In this case go straight to last name, first name, and password. This will give you quick access to the shopping basket next time you come to the store.

Are the items presented on the site available immediately?
Yes, you will receive an order acknowledgment email within minutes of paying  then an email with the link(s) to the titles that you selected for download. If a title is shown elsewhere on the site but isn't available in the store, that means that it is being created and will be available soon based on visitor demand.

Why do you ask for the street address of customers who are downloading?
To know buyer identity and location as part of the law against piracy. Every title is protected by copyright law. The download price includes these rights.

How long does it take for orders to be processed?
They are processed as soon as payment has been completed and accepted by the OGONE secure payment system.

Are the prices given with or exclusive of taxes?
Base prices are given exclusive of taxes. VAT is added when your purchases are totalled, even if you are downloading from outside of Europe. The Federal Public Service Finance hasn't yet decided on a clear policy for non-residents of the European Community and considers downloading as a intra-European sale (not an export). VAT is therefore currently charged no matter where the person downloading is located.

What countries is VAT applicable in?
All countries around the world. This is an abnormal situation and should be rectified in a matter of months.

What if I have an intra-community VAT number?
Please provide it with the two identification letters for your country. The site will instantly verify its validity with the administration, and the bill will be made without VAT. This applies to seminars only (but not downloads).

How much are shipping costs?
There are no shipping costs for downloads. The amount you pay is ALL-INCLUSIVE.

I lost my password
Fill out the “email address” field and your email will be sent to you immediately.

What are the advantages of the newsletter?
You receive advice in psychomedicine, special offers, and you can take part in a contest, and in studies in exchange for free samples. You can also ask not to receive the newsletter and to be removed from the mailing list by checking the appropriate box on the form. You are free to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. All of the emails you receive will contain an unsubscribe link. Confidentiality is a primary concern for us. Your email address will never be sold. It will only be used internally to contact you with information about Zen philosophy, psychomedecine, health in general, and wellness.

What are the advantages of signing up for the Zen Club on the site?
You will get a permanent basket: all products added to your basket will be kept until your next visit. You will also receive the newsletter free and have access to all specials.

How do I make purchases?
Fill out the customer form and put all the items you want in your basket. A basket is like a shopping cart at the supermarket. You can add, change, or remove selected products and change your basket as you make selections right up to the last moment. You can also decide not to buy anything, abandon your basket and leave the online store.

I decided not to buy anything. Can I cancel my order?
You can change or cancel your entire order up to payment validation time, as mentioned above.

I didn't find the product I was looking for on the site(?)
Don't hesitate to contact us by email (contact page). We will try to help you find the product if it is available elsewhere and we will also take your interest into account for future designs.

How will I know that you have received my order?
After recording your order, we will immediately send you an acknowledgment of the order received by our store via email.

I would like to give a gift to someone. How can I do this?
On the customer form, fill out the customer delivery email address and the download link will automatically be sent to that address instead of yours. You will also receive an order acknowledgement by email.

Are my banking details and credit card information confidential?
Are my banking details and credit card information confidential.

Can I pay in a different way than by credit card?
Yes, you can also pay by bank transfer. Our account number is BNP Paribas Fortis : IBAN BE21 0017 3984 0803 & BIC GEBABEBB. Don't forget to add the order number (example: 38604F49-061130-151) in the transfer message field.
PS: in Belgium, we also accept WELLNESS PASS checks from SODEXHO.

What if my download doesn't arrive promptly?
Please inform us by email using the “contact” page.

What if I want to get CDs by mail or order electronic relaxation equipment like the Dreamer or the Mentalstim?
This is also possible but zenlatitudes does not currently sell them directly. Contact us and we will provide a proposal for the sale by mail including all costs.

Do you have after sales service?
Of course. Our advisors are available to answer all of your questions, to help you order, and to help you pay by telehone, if you are having problems. They will also provide advice on products and help with potential delivery issues. Our after sales service is very fast.

How and when can I contact you for information or advice?
You can email us at: